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World Largest Conscious Tech Summit

Sahl Hasheesh Resort, Red Sea, Egypt

9 – 11 November – 2019

World Largest Conscious Tech Summit

This year Vested Summit will be a reunion with our roots. We will look deep into the mirror
and see Humanity in our reflection. With #ConsciousTech like mosquitoes-turned-flying-vaccinators,
we’ll ask Humanity why we’re here, what the real problems are,
and where #ConsciousTech shall go afterwards.

Manish Behl would be Presenting at Vested Summit – Red Sea Egypt 

I am honoured and delighted to be traveling to EGYPT  to present at Vested Summit on Conscious Awareness and True Human Tech at Red Sea where more than 1500 participants are joining from all over the world.

Silicon Valley sometimes gives birth to startups that aspire to solve problems that are nonexistent
in the real world. Tech entrepreneurs needed direction. That’s why Vested Summit gave it a label in 2018,
coining the term #ConsciousTech, to gather, define and give voice to this space.
In numbers, this is what to expect this year!

If you are interested in knowing more about the please do get in touch through the contact form.

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