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Leading Mindfulness teacher and host Manish Behl in conversation with leading Psychologist Dr.Ronald Siegel from Harvard Medical School


A mindfulness teacher explains how to find peace in the present moment in our modern world. In a time where rates of anxiety and depression are through the roof, Manish’s teachings couldn’t be more relevant. We discussed happiness, meditation, social media, and even attention. Enjoy!Manish spent years working in the corporate world before deciding that his life had a deeper purpose. Now, he actively teaches mindfulness to a wide variety of students seeking his help and has founded mindful science centre to help him fulfill this purpose:

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Today, we talk with Manish Behl.
Manish is a Mindfulness, Emotional intelligence, meditation and Leadership expert. He carries with him over 25 years of leadership experience with a focus on Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience. Manish is also the Founder of Mindfulness India Summit and the Mindful Science Centre. In this episode, we talk about his journey from corporate to Mindfulness, his core teaching vision, what one stands to gain by Mindfulness practises and the best ways to get started. I hope you enjoy this conversation.

This podcast is all about exploring kindness and it’s relationship with human potentials like empathy, resiliency, communication, leadership, objective thinking, etc. And of course how all of this is connected to mental health. You will get to know how to incorporate kindness and other important characteristics in various aspects of life. If you are looking to become a better leader, forward thinking human being, a successful professional who wants to leave a successful and beautiful legacy, then this podcast is for you.

Quick meditation to regain calm clarity confidence by Manish Behl