Brain-based Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Give few moments of your time and find how easy it is to overcome obstacles and bring meaning to your life .

Growth Coaching

Deep. Transformational. Relevant. Enriching.

Mindfulness coaching sharpens our perceptions and opens new horizons

Integrating mindfulness into the coaching process expands our perception and possibilities. In this form of coaching you will strengthen the following abilities and qualities.

Neuroscience and Mindfulness based practice of body, breath and movement awareness exercises, mindful dialog, space awareness exercises. On this basis mindfulness based coaching can lead you to a new attitude and performance

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Are you standing on crossroads and unable to understand how to bring change in your life?

If yes then don’t worry, all of us pass through the same situation.  These are the signs that you are progressing in your life and you need support of a good life coach, and mentor to successfully transform situations to opportunities and reinvent yourself as a winner.

Creating positive change in your life, it will bring you closer to your career goals, relationships, work-life balance, stress reduction, time management, health, professional progress and business goals.

How Mindfulness Coaching help you to overcome obstacles

By creating positive change in your life

Get closer to your career goals like relationships, work-life balance, stress reduction, time management, health, professional progress or business goals.

For high-achieving professionals

Science based coaching for high-achieving professionals looking to succeed in building career.

Perfectly balanced approach

Perfect Balance of Mindfulness based coaching, mentoring, professional development and performance improvement.

Focused, performance and Neuroscience

Rooted in Mindfulness and neuroscience, focused on EQ and behavioural skills over technical expertise.

What are the Benefits of Coaching

Working together with Manish would help you to

Managing time and eliminate less important activities

Maintaining good health with optimised energies

Higher profitability and increased efficiency Maintaining good health with optimised energies Become happier and foster a balanced life

A creative space for you to speak your inner thoughts out loud, and to explore the matters that are critical for you to resolve

Clarify goals and stay focused on key actions to achieve


Give few moments of your time and find how easy it is to overcome obstacles and bring meaning to your life
Manish Coaching

Purpose and Passion Program

Enjoy a healthy balanced life and create success and fulfilment in all areas of your life that are important to you.
Benefits :

Create a larger purpose for your life

Live with passion and direction

Higher focus and increased efficiency

Balance work with personal and other areas in your life

Assess leadership strengths and performance opportunities

Manage stress & anxiety and Improve your wellbeing

Improve your relationships

Leadership Development Program

This program is for existing or aspiring leaders who want to improve their leadership skills.
Possible themes:

Create vision & strategy for your leadership

Work more efficiently and effectively

Develop your own leadership style

Inspire and manage your team

Improve your communication skills

Improve your influencing skills

Increase your confidence

Resolve conflicts

Career Transition and Career Development Coaching Program

Create a new career or business that you love. We will explore how you can align your work to those things that matter to you most in life.
Possible themes:

Find a new job

Change your career

Set up your own business

Plan your first 90 days in a new role

Mr. Manish took me under his wings and mentored me and helped me navigate through my personal & professional lows. Mr. Manish has that uncanny knack of reaching the roots of problems and getting how and why out of you. I feel Mr. Manish is the epitome of knowledge & calm. When you meet him you will realise there is something more than EQ & IQ which is Spiritual Quotient(SQ) and he is SQ personified.
Sanket Shrikanth Urban Spice
It was a very excellent workshop and was taken up very interestingly. Knowing my brain type has amazed me. Understanding how changing a simple thought process can change your life and make you a better and successful person. It gave me an insight into myself.
Meetali Nerwikar Spirit: Architecture and Interior Designs
I feel energetic and more connected to myself. It was very interactive and fun on new discoveries about myself. I learned that every person has their own struggle in life and we need to respect their struggle. Also learned that it is difficult to conceal our emotions and we should learn to read emotions of others by non-verbal communication.
Richa Jain Deputy Superintendent of Police
Great coaches are hard to find and I’m so thankful to have found one in Mr. Manish Behl! I was thrilled with your style of coaching and realistic approach to reach a goal. I really appreciate and thank you for your insight and valuable time you have invested in me.
Sampy Roy IIFL Investment Manager

How you will change your life

During the early sessions will work together to understand what is your purpose in life and define your own life plan. This has elements of goal setting but is proactive with an emphasis on goal achievement. We will help you realise that you truly can be, do or have anything that you want.

We will be with you each step of the way as you turn that realisation into your new reality, as your change your defeats into your victories.  Manish helps you to define an action, it is not the action itself that is important. It is the results that derive from that action that create your success.

We will hold up the mirror, to help you see the wood for the trees, to get quickly to the heart of an issue or challenge. You leave each sessions with much greater clarity around what they want or need to do. Feeling motivated, they are engaged and ready to take the next step.

Tips on how to make the most of your time with me:

The first session

When we meet for the first session we'll spend some time discussing in more detail your overall objectives – what you want to get out of the coaching process. I'll send you some questions to think about in advance. We will also begin to explore what makes you tick, and what will make our work together enjoyable and useful for you.

Preparing for sessions

Throughout the process you'll be in the driving seat in terms of the content of what we discuss. So come prepared for each session with something you'd like to work on. This could be something linked to your overall aims (which we will discuss at our first session) or something else that is currently interesting to you or on your mind.

Our focus

The key thing is to focus on what you'd like to change, improve or learn. You can use mindfulness coaching sessions to reflect on something important to you; to gain clarity on your goals; to think through solutions to problems; to explore strategies for change; and to practise or prepare for your live and profession

My role

Listen and ask questions designed to help you become really clear on what you want and on your options for change. That includes enabling you to overcome any self-defeating patterns of behaviour or limited thinking.

Taking action

Change and learning will come about through your own experimentation and reflection, much of which will happen between sessions. At the end of each session, you'll leave with a few simple actions or ``experiments`` to try out. And before we meet the next time, I'll send you some questions for you to reflect on in writing. This is all part of a process that will benefit you.

Your future vs. past

Helping you design the future you want, rather than exploring the past you've already lived. So on the whole we will discuss goals and where you want to get to, rather than analysing what got you here.

Session with Manish is an investment that will pay you dividends throughout your life.

Coaching isn’t just for athletes, musicians and corporate executives – it’s for anybody sensible enough to realize that we all have our own blind spots and can benefit from an experienced set of impartial eyes.

There are many options available. Your investment is time for  2-12 month coaching program tailored perfectly to you and your goals, whatever they may be. Fees vary based on the length of the program, frequency of sessions, logistics and any special requirements.

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