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Through Mindfulness based Emotional Intelligence Manish will help you cultivate your inner energy and strength. Strength that increases your capacities and capability to become stronger, brighter and more productive.

People who incorporate Mindfulness into their lives have reported increased levels of happiness, patience, acceptance, resilience, compassion, lower levels of stress, frustration, and sadness. Learn from the expert today.

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India’s leading Mindfulness expert, Manish Behl has deep interest in Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience. He is a spiritual thinker and motivational speaker on Leadership and Wellness.

With his vision to bring change and work for the betterment of world, Manish founded Asia’s largest Mindfulness India Summit, Beyond Mind Learning and Mindful Science Centre.

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Manish helps people and organisations bring out best in themselves, from inside out through mindfulness and emotional intelligence training. Attendees describe his mindfulness and emotional intelligence training as ``LIFE CHANGING`` experience.

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Manish Behl

Manish has been at several leadership positions in corporate world for over 25 years and yet he chose to walk away from that life to spread a new message to the world. A deep spiritual thinker, he started sharing his wisdom for what is generally called Life, Reason and Purpose, Spiritual Development, Awakening and Consciousness Expansion.

As a well-known growth coach, motivational speaker, business consultant and author, he imparts his learning on Creativity, Performance, Transformation, Vision and Goal Achievement through well planned and structured sessions.

Working with Manish will help you connect with your inner consciousness, release your true power and open a world of unlimited possibilities.

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Does Happiness Indicate the Your Mental Health Too?
October 19, 2020

Does Happiness Indicate the Your Mental Health Too?

5 Ways for get happiness with a good Mental Health  Does Happiness…

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9 Steps to Better Mental Health – Mindfulness
August 22, 2020

9 Steps to Better Mental Health – Mindfulness

Can mindfulness help in checking suicidal tendencies? Manish Behl, E.I. Coach & Conscious…

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Manish Behl TEDx talk at IIT Roorkee – What is Mindfulness
August 22, 2020

Manish Behl TEDx talk at IIT Roorkee – What is Mindfulness

Our mindset defines our actions.  Exercising one’s mind in the right direction…

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Mindfulness is not just about Meditation, but it has proven Scientific benefits
September 28, 2019

Mindfulness is not just about Meditation, but it has proven Scientific benefits

Mindfulness is not just about Meditation, but it has proven Scientific benefits…

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5 Ways to Build a Winning Attitude
September 27, 2019

5 Ways to Build a Winning Attitude

Ways to Build A Winning Attitude and to Break Limited Thought-process attitude

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What People Have to Say
Mr. Manish is an outstanding speaker. He easily engages the listeners so well throughout the 8-hour session. There was a good exchange of ideas and thoughts. I feel each one who will attend this seminar will leave the premises as a completely changed person in a positive way. Interactive session. Lot of unknown aspects were thrown light upon. Not the typical management jargons were used which is good. Very natural.
Sheetal Talati - Managing Director - Pushpa Industries
MMS Maritime India
Very motivative and overall inspiring us to think differently to bring the “positive change within us”
Sucheta Navale - MMS Maritime India
HBO (1)
This session has helped me understand how to lead and absorb my emotions and also how I can work better with them with myself and people around me. Liked the workshop because it was helpful and interesting.
Shabana Menezes - Turner (HBO)
The session was great and absolutely delightful. Would really like to practice the exercises that I learned and get back to you on its effects.
Dr. Gauri Datar Practicing Physician and Doctor
Taught us to control our feelings before we react. Think-Process-React. It was very informative.
Pritish Dudwadkar Asst. Manager: Turner (HBO)
I liked it because it made me focus on activities/emotions which were more driven by sub-conscious mind and to become more idealistic. I liked the workshop because of internal self-reflection.
Inderpal Singh Bindra Asst. Manager: Turner (HBO)
Very interesting and mesmerising exercise. Will help us to see things from different perspective which in turn make me and my team better.
Rahil Khan MMS Maritime India

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Connecting with People and Bringing the Change

With a vision to bring change and work for the betterment of the world Manish took blessing from His Holiness Dalai Lama.

Manish also works with world’s best neuroscientists, international scholars, celebrities and  change makers to share knowledge and make a difference in lives and the world.

Manish with Jay Shetty

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Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience and Decision Making

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