Mindfulness & Meditation

Are you ready to transition to a New life?

Get ready to jumping out of bed, excited to go to work and live your life at fullest?

Mindfulness & Meditation Positively Affects The Structure And Functional Activity Of Brain. It Helps In Positive Thinking, Regulating Emotions, Reducing Stress, Strengthening Empathy And Collaboration With Others And The Environment.

Mindfulness is a practice which bring calm and inner peace.  Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.

What is Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence?

Mindfulness Helps You In Following Ways

Develop higher self awareness and emotion regulation.

Intensify your focus and build resilience to face challenges

Build Creativity and Develop Innovative Thinking process

Better focus and Higher Performance

Lower Stress, Anger and Anxiety with overall well-being.

Chakra Meditiation
“Connecting with your true consciousness”

How Mindfulness Brings Change in your life

Mindfulness is an ancient approach applicable to modern day living. It is an approach rooted in non-judgmentally befriending our situation with more awareness, self-compassion and skill. It is this unique befriending that gives us the opportunity to foster a more positive and meaningful relationship with our very own lives.

Mindfulness in simple terms means awareness. Sometimes, in life we can be faced with worrying situations and difficulties. In an attempt to make sense of these difficulties we often and naturally so experience stress and unhappiness. At times we get stuck in these reactive mental states and need support moving forwards

group meditation

Mindfulness Program

The Inner Transformation – Helping you achieve positive change

Stress and Anxiety are a major problem of our chaotic lifestyle. Recent studies and research on meditation done by top scientist and various universities have found that most of us are so busy in rat race to acquire materialistic objects that we completely forget our real purpose.

Manish has created Neuroscience based specialised mindfulness program which help you enter deepest levels of your mind and experience creativity, ideas and visualisation. Achieve insights into the universe, build your physical and physiological immunity and attain a strong power of intuition with ability for performance

Conscious Awareness Program

Emotional Awareness leads to happiness and Success

Consciousness is everything you experience. Presence of Consciousness is a profound state of Self-Realization. Life force energy affects matter on the quantum, subatomic level and works its way upwards through atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and structure to create healing.

Conscious Awareness Program is a practical philosophical training program to build knowledge and confidence that helps you to develop your structural and rational consciousness.

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” - Thic Nath Han


Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience and Conscious Awareness Programs

8 Weeks Mindfulness Program

Neuroscience based Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence training

Newly introduced Unique 8 weeks mindfulness program. Through this you will make positive changes in your life,:

The Course begins with a foundation in Mindfulness. As the program progresses, it continues to deepen participants’ experience with mindfulness, and include more areas of mental, emotional, and social life. Participants learn about wellbeing and emotional management, interpersonal skills, followed by interpersonal skills of empathy and intention in being with others

The course aims to assist you in taking better care of yourself and in getting the most out of living.  Benefits including:

– Increased ability to relax and perform better

– Greater energy and enthusiasm for life

– Higher self-confidence

– Increased ability to deal with short and long-term stressful situations.

The aim of the programme is to learn new ways to handle challenging physical sensations, feelings, moods or social interactions.

2 Days Mindful Leadership Program

How effectively you are processing information and using emotions to drive your decision making?

Learn to unravel issues and build choices objectively managing emotions creativeness and intuition to solve problems and make powerful decisions. Mindfulness allows you to slowdown and take more good decision as compare to fast and hasty decisions.

Through this program you will : 

  1. Learn how to make decision through critical thinking using emotional intelligence
  2. You will learn how to mindfulness to take the time to consider all of the attributes of the different options, and make more informed decisions.
  3. Recognize your barriers to creative thinking and find how to innovative and create effective solutions
  4. Develop and build your emotional intelligence and relevant tools that will help you life long

Master the art of mindfulness and mindful meditation

Do you want to be a ZEN at Work?

For centuries Himalayan practitioners have used meditation to quiet the mind, open the heart, calm the nervous system, and increase focus. Mindfulness Meditation is a refuge from the world around us, as well as an opportunity to engage with it more consciously.

During Weekly Mindfuless program, you will:

You will learn mindfulness tools to overcome limiting thoughts and behavior patterns and to live happier, healthier, and a more productive life.

  • Eliminate the effects of stress from your life for good
  • Clear and calm your mind
  • Experience freedom from emotional turmoil, anxiety and depression
  • Sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed
  • Feel more joy and happiness in your life

One Day Conscious Awareness Program

Connecting with our Hidden Energies and Strength

All of us are closer to our sub consciousness but since sub consciousness is purely spiritual in nature it is entirely hidden from our view. Our wellbeing and happiness is native to our self-love and realisation of our inner power and energies. During this program you get the opportunity to know how to connect with your  inner strength and various awareness.

Through Conscious awareness program, you will

  • Remove mental blocks and Find your inner energies
  • Transform your Perspective, Develop Self Awareness and Become an Authentic, Effective Leader
  • Develop new mindset that support you in creating a purpose and take you to the place of joy and happiness.

"The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers "

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How Mindfulness, Mediation and Emotional Intelligence helps

Take you to Inner journey to explore your inner-self

Reconnect with your untapped source of inner strength

Make positive changes in your life by connecting with your pristine energies

Stop negative thinking, Control your Anger and Ego to change past Karmas in current life.

Assess different areas of your life and explore your desires and purpose

Enables you to evaluate choices available and take action. Enhance your intuitive powers

Feel satisfied with the overall experience

Feel achieved Knowledge and Direction in Life

Reduction in Stress and Balance in Life and Career

Mr. Manish you have taken us through the session very well. Thank you. Liked the workshop because I felt connected to Mr. Manish.

Hemang Pathak

Manager (West & South)
Great session. Especially the “social circles” part that that I would take back as the highlight for me to look into. The exercises which actually makes you think and reflect upon yourself.

Aastha Bansal

Sr. Manager: Turner (HBO)
I learned how to channel emotions and feelings. How to be a more functional and productive person.

Nikita Bhatia

Manager: Turner (HBO)

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