Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Workshop for Leaders

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Date & Time
10:00 - 14:00 Sep 25, 2019
Bombay Chamber of Commerce 4th floor, The Ruby, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028 - India
Total Slot: 25 Booked Slot: 0 Cost: 3,500.00 Rs.

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Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Workshop for Leaders

Combining theory, discussion and self-awareness exercises, this one day workshop provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your emotional intelligence and increase personal effectiveness in all areas of life.


Mindfulness And Emotional Intelligence : Improve Your Work, Change Your Life

Learnings :

  •   Learn the difference between IQ and EQ
  •   Defining Emotional Intelligence
  •   Understanding Mindfulness
  •   Become a better decision maker
  •   Learn new ways to motivate teams and employees
  •   Relate Mindfulness and EQ to personal and organizational success
  •   Understand ways to manage stress and enhance emotional strength
  •   Develop greater self-awareness to strengthen Leadership skill

Speaker :

In this unique workshop, popular speaker and Mindfulness Coach Manish Behl founder of Beyondmind and Mindfulness India Summit, details how to use EI as a source of energy, information, connection and influence Scheduled for Wednesday, Sept 25, 2019 (9.30 am – 1.00 pm). Manish will teach how to use Neuroscience based Mindfulness and EI to create better personal and professional performance, relationship and well-being.


Bombay Chamber of Commerce

The Ruby, Mumbai, Maharashtra – India

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